My philosophy:  No one deserves a cookie cutter massage.  I recognize how invaluable listening is as an important part of each session.  I will listen to you and to your body.  From this input, each session is designed specifically for you for that day.  Your session will focus on your areas of voiced concern and the areas your body wants addressed that you may have forgotten.  All of which will be delivered with the utmost attention, respect and care.

MVM was created with the goal of aiding people in their healing process so they may continue participating in the activities they love and live the lifestyle that they desire. MVM can work with you to get back on track whether you are seeking:

  • Relaxation from tense, sore muscles due to work or workouts
  • The break down of scar tissue from previous injuries or surgery
  • Relief from stress, chronic muscular pain, impinged nerves, tendinitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Increased range of motion or mobility in muscle and joints
  • Regular maintenance to keep your body well tuned and balanced

Each individual has one’s own complexities and uniqueness’s.  Matt Vickers of MVM can find the way to navigate through your challenges while honoring your uniqueness and bring you toward your goals.

Unsure if massage with Matt Vickers is right for you, contact Matt for a free, short consultation to discuss your concerns.